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Sole Trader Simple Accounts, Tax and Basic Accounts Spreadsheet




Tax Return


DIY Basic Accounts for Sole Traders is a simple bookkeeping system written on accounts spreadsheets specifically for sole traders who are not vat registered. Simple accounts software that enables the accounts work to be reduced to hours not days using the basic tax accounting software to produce an income and expenditure account statement and the Form 11E tax return


Price 14.99




Suitability of the Sole Trader Accounts Package

The easy accounting package consists of two excel accounts spreadsheets, sales accounts spreadsheets and expense accounts spreadsheets for purchases with a financial accounting file that produces the year end income and expenditure account including the tax liability and an automated excel copy of the Form 11E tax return. No bookkeeping or accounting knowledge is required as the bookkeeping system works on single accounting entries using basic accounting spreadsheets no more complicated than making lists.


Value Added Tax

The easy accounting basic spreadsheets in the sole trader accounts software package does not record vat inputs and outputs and is therefore not suitable as a vat registered self employed bookkeeping system or likely to be vat registered during the financial year.


Business Bank Account

Sole trader accounts have a business bank account although the majority do. If the business is operating a business bank account then the accounting records should include the entries to that account. The sole trader accounts package does include a bank account spreadsheet.



The sole trader accounts package does not include a wages interface and does not have the facility to be used with the integrated payroll software. The self employed accounting package has these additional facilities which would be a better choice if employees are likely to be employed during the financial year.


Suitability Summary:

If the sole trader has no employees and will not exceed the vat threshold then the sole trader accounts package is the basic accounting choice. Alternatively choose the self employed accounting package for  your small business accounting software


The sole trader accounts package includes:

Sales accounting spreadsheets

The simple bookkeeping system consists of monthly accounts spreadsheets to record the sales income.

The basic accounting spreadsheet is no more difficult than making a list of each months sales.


Purchases accounting spreadsheets

The simple bookkeeping system consists of monthly accounts spreadsheets to record and analyse expenses

The basic accounting spreadsheet is no more difficult than making a list of each months expenses.


Fixed Assets and Wear and tear allowances

Fixed asset spreadsheet - wear and tear capital allowances are automatically calculated and entered in tax return.


Financial tax accounts file containing various spreadsheets as follows:

Profit and loss account statement- Income and expenditure statement to show business profitability each month

Tax liability calculator - Automatically completes self employed tax return Form 11E and the income tax in the required format of the Ireland Revenue Service and PRSI and health contribution liability as just part of the small business tax software


The Sole Trader Basic Accounting Package  is written on Microsoft Excel worksheets. Excel or an open source spreadsheet package must be installed on your computer to enable the simple accounting software to operate.



If you wish to ask a question please post your question in the DIY Accounting Teneric forum at


Key Features & Benefits of Sole Trader Basic Accounts Spreadsheets

  • Enter purchase invoices from suppliers, the simple accounting system shows who has been paid and the value of creditors still outstanding.

  • Enter sales invoices to customers and the simple bookkeeping system shows who has paid and who still owes you money, the debtors.

  • Enter vehicles and assets purchased and the Fixed Asset schedule automatically calculates the capital allowances and puts these in your tax return .

  • Annual and Monthly Profit and Loss Accounts produced automatically

  • Accounting software that produces a copy of the Form 11E tax return. fully automated, no entries required

  • Income Tax calculator

  • Simple accounting software User Guide accompanies the sole trader package containing concise, easy to read notes plus all important tips on HM Revenue & Customs guidelines to save you taxes.

  • Technical and Operational support is included by phone or online via email with over 95% of questions dealt with the same day.


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